Printing in XP

Hi everyone,

I’ve installed Comodo firewall Pro on a XP SP2 and for some 2 weeks I’ve slowly collected rules for applications. In the end I get no more questions about which applications are allowed to go out and which not. Everything works fine except printing: I’ve installed long time ago a “network printer” running on a Linux server. It appears just like a standard printer in Windows, there’s nothing special about it. Except, when Comodo is active I can’t list the print queue… double click on the printer in “Printers and Faxes” brings up the window but the title has an “… Opening” at the end and the machine is frozen for like 20s. If OTOH I switch Comodo to “Allow all” then printer works very well. As a first step I’ve added on top of the lists a particular rule only for that particular server which says "ALLOW TCP or UDP IN or OUT FROM IP 192… TO IP 192… WHERE SOURCE PORT IS [Any] AND DESTINATION PORT IS [Any] ". No good. I don’t ever remember seeing a question about the print spooler… and what’s worse I don’t see the “DENY” in the logs.

Any hints?

Hi cip, welcome to the forums.

You did exactly the right thing, in testing CFP set at Allow All. If CFP is blocking something, then there will be an entry if CFPs Log (Activity tab). The entry will state which CFP component made the block & what was blocked.

I assume you have set-up a Trusted Zone in CFP that includes the Linux server (with the printer)?

(:AGY) Seems as if this version of Comodo doesn’t know very well the MS protocol(s). I’m afraid the protocol for printing implies that the server will contact the workstation at one point or another on the port called “Microsoft-ds” (or at least this is what Ethereal says)… THIS second connection (initiated by the server) is blatantly refused by Comodo. To my mind this should have been accepted as “related”! :frowning: To me it looks much like non-passive FTP problem a few years ago except it’s Microsoft protocol.

My rule didn’t fire because although it said “in/out” apparently this doesn’t include connections initiated by the remote host; so I’ve inserted now a rule which allows all connections FROM that server, problem solved so to say but it took me a while to figure it out. … :wink:

It’ll be good to have a list of “known higher level protocols” for which Comodo does allow “return/related” rules. I guess FTP is one of them… or is it? Does Comodo allow non-passive FTP? ???