Printing from Virtualized Chromodo

Hello all,

I am having issues printing from Chromodo when I have it virtualized using the sandbox in CIS. I go to print, and all I get in the printer selection is Save as PDF. When the browser is not virtualized, I get access to all of my printers. Ive already tried adding spoolsv(dot)exe and splwow64(dot)exe to the list of “Do not virtualize access to these files/folders” What else can I do?

Hi ArazelEternal,
Please see the bug report in the link below.
Cannot print from some browsers using some drivers in Kiosk [M71]


a workaround is to save the web page as a PDF (that is allowed in comodo sandbox) and then print the PDF.
this is done by choosing print, and then the option of print to PDF presents itself.