Printer Sharing

How do O set up COMODO for printer sharing? I am using Windows Vista Home premium 64 bit

I recommend putting the printer on a port of a router containing a firewall. This allows the PCs to disable dangerous services for file and printer sharing, and it prevents infections from spreading between computers. Remember: if files/resources are accessible from another computer on your LAN, they are also accessible by others on the internet.

More reasons for a hardware router/firewall:;msg308434#msg308434

For help in understanding and disabling dangerous services:

You need to make the LAN or the specific printer IP trusted. Go to Firewall → Common Tasks → My Network zones → now add your LAN or printer as network zone.

Next step is to use the Stealth Ports Wizard to make the LAN or your printer IP trusted. Firewall → Common Tasks → Stealth Ports Wizard → select Define a new trusted network and stealth my ports to everyone else–> Next → I would like to trust an exisitng My Network Zone → choose your LAN or printer zone from the drop down menu → Finish.