Printer Sharing [Resolved]

Hi Guys
Can anyone help with this problem. On Saturday I bought a new ASUS laptop with Vista home premium and a Netgear wireless router with double firewall which by the didn’t pass Gibsons leak test. The problem is when i send a job for printing from the laptop it won’t work. I uninstalled CPF and all went well. I installed CPF again and once more no printing. I uninstalled CPF again and all worked well. Does anybody have any ideas.

Comodo Firewall as of yet, does not support vista:,6927.0.html

Perhaps I should have explained myself better. CPF is on my desktop which is XP and the router is connected to it. The only firewall on the laptop is the vista FW. For some reason the connection doesn’t want to work. I can get on the net on both machines without any problems but when i send a print job from the laptop it won’t work unless CPF is uninstalled.
Any comments would be appreciated.

Have you created a trusted zone/network within CFP’s Network Monitor (created thru Security/Tasks) to allow uninhibited communication to and from the shared printer?


Little Mac

You are a true champion. Thanks for the help, it now works perfectly. I was not happy having to think that I could rely on a router firewall but now I have the best of all worlds. BTW when do you think that CPF will be Vista ready.

Great, I’m glad that’s working for you. That’s as it should be!

As to Vista, read this:,6927.0.html


PS: I’m marking this topic as Resolved for other users’ benefit, and closing it. If you still have problems with the printer sharing, just PM me or another Moderator and request that this thread be reopened. We’ll be happy to do so.