printer sharin under Comodo V3

I have seen lots of instructions on the web for configuring Comodo, but they all seem to relate to earlier versions, and advise me to use menus that don’t seem to exist in the version I have (

I have a PC running XP with Comodo installed. It has a printer and I want to share this across my local nework. I have enabled the sharing in XP. Other PCs on the network can see the PC, but cannot browse to its printer. The firewall log shows that it has blocked the incoming requests.

I have used the “stealth ports wizard” to define a range of PCs:

The firewall continues to block the traffic and I cannot figure out what I’m supposed to do next.

Hello there,
I had a similar issue once. By going into Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy > Global Rules > and creating a rule to Allow incoming connections from* (of course mine was different ;)) I was able to do what you seek.
Hope this helps -

*Don’t forget to click “Apply” ('cause I still do occasionally :P)

You need to add the IP Address of the Printer as Trusted to your list of Network Zones.