Printer Problems (USB)[RESOLVED]

Hi… I’ve been using Comodo for a while now, and have always had printer problems. With my old Lexmark (which included a scanner as well as a printer), the only way for the item to function was for me to disable Comodo Firewall 3 (that’s all I run now) from the startup as a service and process, restart, and install the printer and its drivers. If I restarted with Comodo running, the printer would fail to work, noting some error like: Problem Communicating with Printer.

However, even with Comodo running and the printer not printing, the scanner portion of the printer worked perfectly fine through Start>Programs>Accessories>Scanner and Camera Wizard (although this was not associated with the printer software, obviously).

Now, I have another printer, a Samsung ML-2570 Series Laserjet, and to my dismay, I installed with Comodo Firewall 3 running and the test page failed to print. I hope there is a way to fix this.

FYI, I use USB ports to connect the printer.

Any help is appreciated

Does the printer say it is ready? Do you show anything in the firewall log or D+ log? What OS and version of Comodo are you using? What are your D+ settings for Print Spooler? Haven’t seen problems with non-networked, unshared printers before.

Hi Posmo,try to remove any referances concerning the printer in Defence+.Now put D+ in “Training Mode” and try setting up the printer again.


Prior to installing I set both the firewall and D+ to training mode. I have added spoolsv.exe to the allowed process list. The printer does say it is ready (and is recognized when turned on). Nothing appears in either log.

Windows XP SP2
Comodo Firewall Pro v3

-Edit: I ran Samsung’s Dr. Printer which reinstalled the drivers, works now. Hopefully it’ll work when I restart though… I’ll keep you posted