Printer problem with Comodo firewall

I have a lexmark X8350 all in one printer and I installed it while I had Comodo firewall. It installed fine but when I printed it would get stuck at 99% and it would not scan. I uninstalled Comodo firewall and now everything works perfectly. Is there a way I can keep Comodo firewall and still use my printer?

We need more information.

Is the printer networked?

Did you see any alerts when trying to print? If Defense+ is blocking it, you should have had an alert. Did you perhaps block the process?

What mode are you running the firewall and Defense+ in? What configuration are you running?

It was in training mode. The printer is not in networked mode, the setup wizard asked me if I wanted it to be in network mode and I declined. There were no alerts by Defense+. I even disabled Defense+ and firewall without uninstalling comodo and it still was giving me the same problems but as soon as I uninstalled Comodo the problems went away.

Yes, if it’s in training mode, you won’t see any alerts because it is allowing everything.

If you disabled D+ and the firewall and you were still having trouble, the only thing left would be the sandbox. Did you try disabling the sandbox by any chance?

Yes as far as I know everything related to Comodo was disabled.

If everything was disabled, then nothing should have been blocked. Perhaps there is an incompatibility at work here.

Looks like the next step would be to file a bug report. Just follow the steps mentioned in this thread.