Printer Friendly prints Are Blocked

I’m running Win2K with a HP4110 Printer attached by USB. I can print directly to the printer OK but if I’m at a Bill-On-Line location and I want to print a receipt using their “Printer Friendly” icon, the firewall blocks the connection. If I use the Windows Printer Icon it prints fine. It appears to be blocked by my Rule 5 (Block & Log) IP In/Out Any/Any where IProto is Any. The traffic would be coming back from the same IP as I’m viewing. Since this happens at various sites and I don’t get a popup asking me how to handle the traffic, how can I code around this?



Hi and welcome,

You should create a network monitor rule to allow for this to be accepted and make sure it is placed above the block rule in the network monitor. Try the following:

Action: Allow
Protocol: IP
Direction: In

Source IP: Single IP (type the IP)
Destination IP: Any


OK, thanks - I was hoping I could do it with one rule but I guess I’ll have to write a rule for each site I get reports from.


Ok, no problem.
While you could set up a rule to allow IP’s from different sources in one rule, this could leave you wide open to attack - so best to make a rule for each IP you need only.



Before creating additional network rules to accommodate each website, I’d try the following: Go to Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous, uncheck the box “Do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo”, and move the Alert Frequency slider to High or Very High. Click OK, reboot your computer.

This will cause a lot more popups to occur; some of them are going to be svchost.exe, services.exe (system processes) that you will need to allow; however, you should also get a popup for these print functions. If you go straight to one of these sites and click to print, you should be able to create a rule for your browser to allow the app to communicate. Then you can reverse the previous changes, so you don’t get all the popups (presuming that each website uses the same communication; you can always try a few to see if they’re the same…).

In theory, when you click the Print button on the website, it creates an Outbound call from your browser/computer to the website, resulting in an Inbound response to your printer/computer. Thus, you shouldn’t need to create any additional “In” rules; it is possible that you would have to create an additional “Out” rule for a specific type of IP traffic, if it’s your network monitor blocking it. All the default rules allow for on Outbound are TCP/UDP, and some ICMP traffic; the way CPF works, if the Outbound traffic Protocol is not specifically allowed, it will be blocked.

Hope that helps,