Printer and File Sharing Stopped after upgrading to version 5


After upgrading from version 4 of CIS I am unable to use print sharing or browse network shares on my home LAN. When I disable the firewall printer sharing works and I can access files on other computers on my network, browsing the internet is unaffected. My home LAN consists of 2 computers both running window 7 one is the 64bit version.

I have followed suggestions from other threads and have yet to come across a solution that works for me, I’m open to ideas. I am at work at the moment so cannot post any of my settings.


Hello dwykes2000,

Thanks for giving me your Operating System Information.

May you try open CIS > Firewall > Stealth port wizard > Define a new trusted network > select the appropriate option > OK

“Also, If you are in Vista/7 in some cases you must have Windows Firewall enabled as well to have file sharing etc”

Did this work?

Thanks for the reply Jacob, I have tried redefining my LAN using the stealth port wizard as this is a common suggestion in other threads it was one of the first things I tried.

I’m still at work and wont be home for a couple of hours yet, when I get home I will try re enabling the windows firewall on both computers, however my concern is that this might have a negative impact on system performance with 2 firewalls running.

Your Welcome,

I understand the impact on system performance but as far as i know of, there isnt a work around yet to have file sharing on while having windows firewall off.

also as a request, can you attach a screen shot of your global rules?