Print to File (PDF); major defect of Dragon

I have used Comodo Dragon for the last 4-5 years. I like it to Chrome not only for security but also for its shape!
But I have always had problem to save web pages to PDF format.
I downloaded a PDF.dll file and copied it to Dragon main folder. When I type “about:plugins”; I see the “Chrome pdf viewer” and by “about:flags” I can not see “print preview”, but I enabled the “Print raster”.
Result: I still can not print web pages to pdf files.
Should I download the complete file of Chrome (about 23MB) and extract pdf.dll from it?
I have tried some Chrome extensions and even dopdf for a while; but none of them is as rapid and easy and perfect as the Chrome ability is.
I am looking for a reasonable solution.
Thanks in advance


You need to use this command: –enable-print-preview (source: List of Chromium Command Line Switches « Peter Beverloo)

You can add it to the Dragon-shortcut’s “Target”.

this does not work with the newest PDF.dll version and current CD version… the preview page is broken up and not usable or stable at all
why is this removed from CD