Print Server unreachable

I’ve a laptop which connects via Access Point and WLAN backbone to the Internet router as well as other PCs and a print server.

This weekend, I couldn’t access the print server (Axis 5600+) though each and every other device was ping’able.

After disabling and re-enabling the Comodo Firewall v3, I suddenly got ICMP echo replies back to the command line “ping” command on Windows XP, so by simply switching the firewall off and back on, the problem was resolved.

Though I’m happy to know a possible solution for future network problems, from a technical standpoint I cannot be happy with this “on/off” solution. What can be the reason for this unexpected behaviour of the firewall?

What I did: ping the device 3 times with the command line “ping” command in Windows XP, getting timeouts and no reply. Switch the firewall off and back on via the system tray icon menu, and repeat the ping command where this time replies come back.

I’ve disabled Defense+ completely.