print out has become unusable

I hope this is the right place to put a bug of Comodore Dragon.

Since Mr. Snowden is in Russia, I use Comodo Dragan instead of Chrome. It seems to me a little help against all odds.

Since about a week, there is een new feature in Comodore Dragan when I drags something with the mouse to the left or right side of the screen. I think the intention is to drag it to another social media function. It seems to me not very useful because I should never use it that way. Sometimes it appears also as I update my bookmarks with the mouse. That is not very nice and annoying but I can live with it. But I get angry when I try to produce a printout. There is een column middle of my printout with “Web Search”, “Wikipedia”,“YouTube” and more things like that. It makes my printouts from Comodo Dragon completely worthless. It forces my to use Chrome for a printout.

Yesterday I experienced a another phenomenon. In the addressbar on the right appeared a small circle with a plus or minus sign. When I use my mouse wheel, my display getting bigger and smaller. The mouse wheel function is intended for scrolling and not for zooming. After a while (5 minutes) everthing seems to be normal. I was not amused.

My question: How can I rid of it or switch to normal mode without these experimental stuff and produce normal printouts?

Sorry to hear that you do not like the new feature of CD… printing problem will be solved in the next version

you can uninstall the Drag&Drop extension or you can disable it too with un-checking the extension

Go Settings > Extensions…