print from sandbox


Sorry if answered before but i can’t find any revelent info on this.

How can i print from the sandbox?

I tried adding the spoolsv.exe to the exeption list as well as the HKCU\printers* and HKCC\System\CurentControlset`\Control\print\printers*

But i still can’t add a printer to the sandbox.

Anyone may help ?


Hi and welcome tomazzzi,
It looks like an old issue that never got fixed.
Cannot print from some browsers using some drivers in Kiosk [M71]
Sorry I can’t help more.

Kind regards.


Thx for your answer.
This is rendering the sandbox useless for us :confused:


I dont think this was a bug. The print spooler can be exploited to infect your system. There is an easy way to exclude the print spooler from the sandbox and everything would print correctly but this may leave your system vulnerable to exploits that use the print spooler to infect your system.