Princess Snowflake

I completely revised Princess Snowflake with a new body color and etc and here is her new profile.
Name: Princess Snowflake
type: Pegasi
Body: light purple with very hot pink freckles with a blue Lightning blaze down the front of her face
Hair: pure snow white with lightning blue stripe
Symbol: A Black thundercloud with brilliant blue lightning and a metallic silver snowflake falling from it
Bow: Pink
Birthmark: A bright blue Crown shaped birthmark
Location Of Birthmark: On the front of her right front hoof
Nickname: Thunderstorm
Eye Color: Metallic Blue Sapphire
Personality: Very Refined and cool calculating. She loves to farm
Powers: Controlling the Snow and Ice and Rainbows. Creating Thunderstorms
Color Of Hooves: Black as a thundercloud
Hooves: Gecko like super Hairy Hooves
Generation: Generation 2
Wing Color: metallic silver
Extra Info: Super hairy legs and the hair on her hooves and legs will regrow instantly even thicker when shaved and the hair completely covers her hooves but not long enough to be stepped on.
What do you think about the Princess Snowflake? Just curious. Should I put up a picture of her so everyone can see what she looks like?

Hi Princess Snowflake! (:WAV)


How are u?

I’m doing good. Should I post a picture of Princess Snowflake so you can see what she looks like or should I not? Just asking.

u can post. So u like ponies? I love ponies to…

I love ponies also and here is what she looks like.

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Whats ur real name?

I go by Princess Snowflake and we can take this to Private messege if you want to or Aol Instant Messenger. What does everyone think about her?

Ha ha, well, talkative?

I meant the picture of her that I posted and sorry about the Mix-up.

Oh the pic. I think it is nice. Did you make it? ???

Thank and I had it made for me by someone in the My Little Pony Arena.

Looks nice! :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Very Pretty…I like it…

Why don’t you make some more that ppl here could use as avatars…

Just a thought!

Thanks and I requested it in the My Little Pony Arena. I didn’t make it and sorry.

!ot!: I keep seeing you avatar, & thinking a bug is crawling on my screen. (:LGH)


Thats why I have it :■■■■