"prey-anti-theft.exe": 5 out of 57 virusscanners say "Virus"??


I installed Comodo Free Firewall recently. I am a bit confused why Comodo and 4 other anti-malware programs warn against “prey-anti-theft.exe” when the rest of 57 scanners on www.virustotal.com says the file is safe?
Here is the analysis: VirusTotal
I have tried to attach the file, but it wasn’t possible.

Best regards,
Henrik R.

Hello Henrik,
We’ll investigate this issue and get back to you.

Best regards,
Andrei Savin

Hi Henrik,

The reported installer was found to be bundled with adware. Please download and install software applications only from official vendor’s website and not questionable third party sources which usually bundles them with other components(adware, etc).

If you still want to use the reported application, you can add it to exclusion list.


OK! Thank you very much for your reply!