Preview of Kingsoft Antivirus 2012

This is a Preview of Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 which is due to release by end of JUNE and its all in one suite and totally free

Attractive GUI but I don’t see a firewall component in there - only AV, HIPS-type controls and a switch for the Windows Firewall.

Very nice GUI though.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Maybe firewall module called “Anti Hacker”

Maybe, but the controls shown in the screenshot don’t really relate to controlling the data flow through the NIC which is the purpose of a firewall. The only thing this is NIC related is the “Block Port Scans” option.

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True as usual panic & you are faster than anyone else… as usual :slight_smile:
Just wanna (if I may) correct “Maybe” part
It seems like it is not kinda belong to “The thing” & more over that can possibly create problems if not havoc if any real 3rd party Firewall is used in conjunction with the offered Software


True - Maybe firewall module called “Anti Hacker”. And maybe my car is a cabbage. :wink: :smiley:

Hi all ! The first beta of Kingsoft antivirus 2012 can be tested. It is compatible with other antivirus and really light.

i just tested the first beta. It is a very nice product. It is very low on system resources, it used about 10mb of ram. It uses 4 engines (“cloud engine”, “KSC Cloud Heuristic Engine”, “Blue Engine II”, and “System Repair Engine”) idk any details about these engines. The beta also has a behavior blocker that actually works unlike a lot of products on the market.

Hi, everyone,

We are so pleased to announce the first beta of our new product - Kingsoft Antivirus 2012, unbelievable fast and powerful.

Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 is a completely free solution for detecting and cleaning trojan and virus, and protect your computer with system defense K+ and boundary defense. It can be a standalone product, and also can be a good sencondary security sulution.

What’s included in KAV 2012?

Scanning malware based on cloud engine and local engine.

Boundary defense: Web defense, download shield, USB defense and more, prevent malware from entering your system.
System Defense K+: Cloud proactive defense, stop malware execution, and any other malicious modification to your system.

Check system vulnerabilities which can be exploits by hackers. It also block malicious scan, remote control and other hacking activities.

What we expect from you?

  1. Bug reporting.
  2. User experience suggestions.
  3. False positives.
  4. Other positive or nagetive feedbacks.

Download link:
Size:10.7M(11250984 Byte)
version: SP3.5.040610

Video review:

It has behaviour blocker or HIPS? i.e it warns for every process injection & registry modification like HIPS or warns for suspicious ones only like BB?

It has a firewall?

The RealTime protection is Cloud only or local too? And if local too, are the local signatures full or only the important/most prevailing & current ones only?

I believe the Anti-Hacker is the “fw” (that’s why I’ve disabled it - since no matter what, I’m with CFW).
As for RealTime (as well as scanner) I think both use same logic which is both (local + cloud) CFW log shows it clearly.

Pros : COOL GUI (and installation), very light, speedy scan.

Cons : VERY LOW detection rate (I guess signatures needs larger users community or purchasing / integrating / adopting signatures from other AVs).

in my testing and most the testing iv seen the detection has been very good

I am using kingsoft along with comodo internet security and i have not disabled anti-hacker and there is no issues yet
by the way i thin antihacker mostly only checks for unwanted settings that may give access to hackers its not a complete firewall

  1. txt contains the password.
  2. I suggest to open RAR to a dedicated directory with RealTime of all active AVs turned off.
  3. Turn on RealTime of all active AVs.
  4. Conduct custom scan or use shell integration and compare with other AVs.

Please share findings ;D

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antihacker is not a firewall

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The sad moment when it looks like a rogue…

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Would i be correct in saying that this program can run alongside the full comodo suite?

I put it on one my comp alongside with CIS and no problems.

I think “we” are getting off track here.
Main business of AV is detecting / clearing malicious stuff - not being compatible with other security products nor having cool gui and light impact on system resources (for that matter no AV is lighter then any AV …).

As I claimed before I think the current content of signatures and cloud based hashes of Kingsoft AV is very limited (for example conduct the test I suggested earlier : Kingsoft AV detects only 5 compared to 100+ by AVG, Avira, Avast, CAV … some detect even 1400+).

BTW: I’ve tested with other stuff and the outcome seems the same. I’m hoping / looking forward for this issue to get cleared since product is really very light and it’s GUI is very stylish.

on windows 7 64 bit, CIS and kingsoft don’t get along at all. You BSOD right now. I have provided dumps to kingsoft, it is their 64bit driver that is dying. So I hope that they will get it fixed and working right.