Prevention is the best medicine

I have reading up on rogue malware programs and one in particular seems very nasty. It’s called Antivirus 2008 Pro and apparently some people are getting infected by it even when running well known security programs like ZoneAlarm Anti-spyware and some of the top AV and antispyware programs. My question is. How good would Defense+ be at preventing this and other rogue malware programs from infecting ones PC? From what I have read Antivirus 2008 Pro in particular is very hard to remove once it infects your PC. Thanks.

It would “prevent” its malware installation and behaviour using Defense+'s own highly significant and effective Heuristics (In combination with HIPS & Policies), To actually PREVENT it in the first place, Instead of relying “Detection” on “signatures” which need to be researched & updated.

CFP 3 D+ is extremely powerful, no detection technology can possibly compete with it. It is one of the strongest prevention method using latest techniques & technologies!