"Prevention" internet security..

I recently read up on “Prevx edge 3.0”. I was told i need a “preventive” program like spybot search and destroys immunization or spywareblaster. Do you all have any other recommedations?


If your running D+ you won’t need that sort of thing :-TU

I got nod32 and malwarebytes.



Went with drivesentry and tested it in a sandbox application with 15 malcious urls and 10 viruses. It got them all.

Search&Destroy includes prevention in form of HIPS. It is good to have HIPS because it protects your computer very efficiently. HIPS vary among themselves. Defense+ one one hand is very effective but also produces A LOT of warnings, while ThreaFire gives little warning but when it does it is serious. All 3 ob them are free so it is up to you to decide. If you are novice user I suggest to use ThreatFire, otherwise Defense+.
good luck

Not really new to this stuff but sometimes i get a bit indescive. Went with drive sentry. Drive sentry passed all my tests that i do. Threatfire missed a few to be honest. Tested them both.

No arguements on comodo. Comodo lays the smackdown.