Prevent unwanted defense+ alerts

I have a trouble, and I’d like to know if it is possible to solve it. I use a program and a GUI for that program, both runs fine once I told Defense+ they are trustworth. My problem is the GUI creates a temporal batch file to give the commands to the other program, and each time it does that, Defense+ launches an alert and I have to grant permision to the temporal batch file. To make things worse, the temporal file names change, it goes from ~filename1.bat to ~filename2.bat until it reaches 9, then it starts from 1 again. I thought I should add the folder where the GUI puts these files in the excusions list, but the problem is it uses windows temp folder, so excluding it would exclude all temporal files (and more than once unwanted software creates files in that folder).

   Is there a way to make a rule to tell Defense+ "any file created by the GUI is safe"? Or maybe another workaround that grants permisions to those files, but still let Defense+ to protect me from other temporal files?

   I already checked the GUI program options, hoping I could make it use a dedicated temp folder, but no luck with that, it doesn't have an option to change that.

Yes you can give the parent application Installer or Updater rights. You will have to add this manually under the HIPS Rules. Only use this if your sure the program is safe.