Prevent sandboxing of .net builds

I’m using C# 4.0 with VS 2010. My version of Comodo Internet Security is up to date. I build an app (A) and then call it from another app (B). After every new build of A, this process results in a query about sandboxing A. Of course I do not sandbox it, but then I have to restart B (and A) again or else I get CS0016 errors.

Both the sandboxing query and the need to restart are decided nuisances. The executable for B is in the list of Comodo’s trusted files; in fact, it’s in there multiple times, presumably once for each time I chose to trust it.

So how do I suppress this behavior? Thanks in advance … Bill

I’m not sure why you need to restart, but yes, currently CIS isn’t very useful for for those that build their own applications because each new build will be unrecognized because the file hash has changed.

I hope this will be changed in the future, (I have an .exe I build several times a day) but a workaround is to give the new .exe the Installer or Updater security policy in Defense+ → Computer Security Policy.

In D+ events I’ve noticed that the event prompting the error is with respect to a .NET framework executable, csc.exe. The flags for it and cvtres.exe are “sandboxed as partially limited”. I tried moving both executables to trusted files, but CIS said they’re already trusted.

In D+ Computer Security Policy Rules, the file has a custom policy that allows everything.

So I’m confused …

Try the Installer or Updater policy.

I can’t. In the line for the executable, standard policy options are grayed out.

You need to click the Predefined Policy radio button for the dropdown menu to be selectable.

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Of course. But the radio button itself is not selectable. Should I delete the entry and create a new one?

You could do that. I don’t know why the button wouldn’t be selectable though. I’ve never had that happen. :-\