prevent registry changes

Hello !
How do I prevent registry changes that some programs want to do when they are started?
I just installed comodo and could not find that function …

Hello and welcome to the Forum.

One option is in Defense+ → Advanced-> Defense+ settings ->Monitor settings, there you can enable checking registry changing.
For each program you can allow/ask or block registry changing in Defense+ ->Advanced → computer security policies. Click a program and choose access rights, there you can find “protected registry entries” or something like that.
You can modify which Registry entries are marked as protected in Defense+ → Common -Y my protected Registry keys.

Hope this answer your question.

Thanks it helped !

It was litle ealier conclusion. I tesed it wit registry repair pro, and comodo did not inform repair pro’s registry chancing…

have you set Registry Repair Pro as trusted app or something like that? Maybe it repairs keys, that are not protected.

Yes !
You are right ! I try to change it !
Thanks for the tip!
But , how do I remove it from trusted software?

Do you mean Trusted Vendor? This option is under Defense+ → Common → trusted Vendors.
I use D+ in Paranoid Mode and i don’t have whitelisting.
If you have set it as trusted app, then go to it and after double klick it, you can change from predifined to custom settings, and then switch to access rights.

I was wrong again !
RegRepairPro did not repair anything, it only inserted it’s starting key to HCU-…/CurrentVersion/Run-placeen.
I earlier used F-secure, and it informed, if software was inserting something in registry so, that it could start with windows. I try to find same function…