Prevent installers from rebooting your PC unexpectidly

Hi Guys

I recently found a great way with HIPS to prevent authorized programs from launching the browser and launching unwanted sites from installers.

Is there a way to keep them from Rebooting your PC unexpectidly i.e. have HIPS prompt you to allow?


The Installer/Updater policy allows the installer to launch any executable without permission. It’s not possible.

May be editing the Installer/Updater policy might work but it is not in the UI to be edited.

Hi there

It seems it’s possible to intercept the WMI command issued to windows.

There is a free program to do this here: ShutdownGuard (free) download Windows version. It’s been around for a long time.

There is probably a better way to “manage” this some pointers here: Four ways to stop a shutdown or reboot – 4sysops

Would a nice feature in CIS.