Prevent Hackers?

Hi… My Comodo Firewal detect that another computer is trying to connect with my computer, and i dont want another computer to access my computer…but i dont understand the steps to take in Comodo Firewal to not let another computer link to my computer…
n also now how can i detect using Comodo Firewal that another computerstill trying to access my computer or accessing my computer???


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Open CIS > Firewall > Stealth Ports Wizard > Block All Incoming Connections > Finish

Also, Check your Global Rules (Firewall > Advance > Network Security Policy > Global Rules > What Do You See?


Hi as u advise i make changes to the ‘stealth ports wizard’ n choose ‘block all incoming connection’ n click ok ,but evry time i recheck , then i see ‘define a new trusted network stealth my ports to everyone else’ is selected…
so what to do??

n i have attach here with d pic of what i see in global rules…
pls go through let me help.

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Thank You For Your Response;
This Is Ok, It’s the default selection when opening the Stealth Ports Wizard
Your Global Rules Are Set To “Block All Incoming Connections”

Any Other Issues or Questions You Have?


Hi. Thnx to u for ur reply… as we scan computer for viruses, can i also scan firewal for any computers trying to acces my computer or link with my computer, if yes then how can we detect…

Technically, We all link’d together really through a server, but if someone is trying to direct connect to you, according to your global rules you’ll see it in the firewall events…