prevent google, bing etc from detecting your location

ability to enable an option to prevent bing, google and other search engines and sites from detecting your location

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Location tracking is already available (see image) other than that you need a proxy.

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i know tracking prevention is already available and i have it checked to not let any site track my location but if it’s not going to prevent all sites from tracking my location then comodo needs to change their wording because it doesn’t prevent any site from tracking just some or they need to make it prevent any site from tracking users location like the setting implies

I guess you need to specify what type of tracking you are talking about…

I believe all this setting does is to disable the geolocation API.

Unless you are using a proxy, VPN, or some other way to mask your public IP address, your general location will be known.

i don’t know what kind of tracking method google and bing use to get users location but they don’t offer a way to opt out and giving the option to change you location after they already got your location before you change it is not a solution. maybe comodo could make a proxy and have an option to use there proxy in the settings

I don’t use Google or Bing. What sort of tracking are you seeing?

The option I pointed out is a standard feature of Chrome and prevents all sites from tracking your physical location. As I said, other than that use a proxy or Tor to hide your IP address.

when you use google or bing it has your location posted. they do it to give you the most relevant results for your search. by default it will detect the city and state you are in but you can change it to a less specific location like US, canada or whatever but no way through google or bing to disable location detection. you can save the location you change it to so the next time you you use google or bing it will use the same location you set it to but that still doesn’t fix this intrusion of privacy

Change the option I mentioned to Ask then go to Browser HTML 5 geolocation test and see what happens. then change the option to Deny.

As another test, go to Google maps and select the ‘Show My Location’ button. With location tracking denied you will see the message in the image.

Other than that, services like search Google and Bing will offer localised information based on your IP address and the only way to prevent that is, as I said earlier, to use a proxy, vpn or similar service.

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any recommendations for a proxy and why the proxy you recommend is better than alternatives

I don’t use any, but if I wanted anonymity I’d use Tor Personally, I just use several Greasemonkey scripts, which can also be used in Chrome based browsers

Beginner Guide for Greasemonkey Scripts in Google Chrome - How-To Geek

To prevent things like Google link tracking and for blacklisting spam domains in search results. I also delete cookies every few hours. To prevent search localisation, I use custom search providers which are easily implemented in various browsers.

I like to use the ScroogleScraper at It gives you Google results without all the associated Google baggage. :slight_smile: It’s easy to set this as your default search engine. Instructions for various browsers are on the page I linked.

I do use https-Scroogle, it’s one of the default search providers I always have available from the link I posted above, but I find the ability to search Google by time very useful on occasion.