Prevent Egress Of User Info?

A competitor has a feature where you can enter personal info, and be alerted if this information is being sent outside of your computer.

Looking at the recent attack against Tor users, where your MAC, IP and Host Name got sent out via HTTP and a cookie, I wonder if a feature like this could be implemented? It would probably have to have some intelligence, so that it knows if this info is going to another machine on your network, or to a remote server.

I used Tormail as a web signup address for spam prevention…no illegal stuff…yet if I was less knowledgeable, my info could have been sent to a government server.

Possibly a poor example. Your MAC number and IP address, unless spoofed, are sent out on every TCP packet you send out as part of the standard TCP header. And the hostname is derived from the IP Address (DNS) anyway.

On the local segment, sure. But it stops at the first hop (your router) correct? A website can not see your MAC, correct?

It could only ever prevent egress of unencrypted information, I guess

Yes, of course. The above exploit used an HTTP connection to a remote server though…so theoretically, it would have been possible to block, I think. I’m no genius on low level networking, but I envision Comodo looking at traffic (in this case MAC and Machine Name from a user inputted list) and saying:

“MAC is going to 192.168.x.x - disregard”
“MAC is going to a remote server outside the local LAN segment - alert”
“Whoa! Hey buddy, do you want your MAC going to remote server”

Something like that.