Prevent auto adding of rules by software

Browsing through my network security policy i see a lot of entries that have been automaticaly added by various installers without my permision. Is there a way to prevent the automatic addition of firewall rules? It doesnt seem very secure that any software can add its own firewall rules just because i’ve gave it permission to run :frowning:

If you don’t want it to permanently create rules for an application, when the initial alert pops up, un-check the “Remember my answer” box.

Sorry i dont think i was clear in my initial post. I am never prompted by the firewall for my permission. The rules are added automaticaly without ever prompting me for my permission.

Hello iambob, welcome to the forums,

If you wish to be alerted for any application which initiates a connection(then you can answer the pop-up accordingly) you need to go to Firewall->Advanced->Firewall Behaviour Settings->Move the slider to “Custom” and change the Alert settings to at least “High”

The firewall will not learn anything in this mode and you will be prompted for any application which doesn`t have a rule for it in “Application Rules”


Is there a way to edit a custom policy mode? I want to disable any alerts in this mode.In this mode i want that firewall will follow only by existent rules.Thanks.

You could try and use Miscellaneous->Settings->Parental Control->Enable the password protection and click “Change password” to create one->Now tick the box “suppress the firewall alerts if the password protection is enabled” and click OK

This does not work on my computer(win 7), i am able to set a password but the suppression boxes dont stay ticked, hopefully it will work on yours. Let us know how it goes, if it doesnt work for you it may be something that needs looking at.


Thanks Matt, for answer.
I am do using password for protection(It was a my suggestion too, that i did suggest to comodo in 2007 .I like, that Comodo can listen to user suggestions :-TU ), but it doesn’t comfortable to me to change every time settings in 2 places.You see, when i want to install something, i do change with right click in the tray my firewall to “safe mode”, then make a rules, after that change back to “custom mode”. I believe it is a good way. At least, i like it in this way. O0