pretty weird bugs in GUI after update and so on

About zero…

Congratulations on new release!!!
Huge thanks!!!

Some problems, meanwhile, still exists…
For example (in my case), if you do not wish to reboot system after update from 4.0.141842.828, only one Comodo service remains running - cmdagent.exe. Look at screenshot 01… Is that enough for user’s security?

After reboot: (i was tried to view log’s) scrn 02
Not responding…

Reboot. Traffic display doe’s not showing realtime network connection’s status. Take a look at a screenshot 03 please (no mouse cursor).

“Clear log’s” ability, please. It was in 3.14, why not in 4.*?
IMHO: COMODO System Cleaner must be included into CIS. Users have enough RAM novadays, huh?..

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