preserve sandboxed browser setttings / changes

If the browser is running virtualized then any changes I make will be lost if the VritualRoot folder is destroyed, either as a result of malware or CCLeaner operation. For example, just typing the previous sentence caused a browser config update, i.e., ‘malware’ was added to the dictionary…

How can usage changes, e.g., themes, boomkarks, toolbar customization, etc., be retained to the default - non-sandboxed - browser?

You’ll have to manually copy the relevant files from C:\VTRoot\ to the the real system, yes it IS a pain in the A and hopefully Comodo will make this process simpler in the future, perhaps a “merge” option or something, maybe something for the wishlist?

I fingered that prolly the dealy-oh would be a manual pain-in-the-neck.

When I posted that, I was in Virtual Desktop. Looked like everything was workin’ o.k. There’s some issue with using the browser in there, e.g., taskbar, toolbar, zoom, etc.

But in any case, I added it into the sandbox zone and launched CID. To my suprise it launched as a virgin seesion. That was totally unexpected; it did that in neither v5.12 sandbox, nor v7 Virtual Desktop. Easy enough to fix - copy CID/profile folder to VTRoot\HardiskVolumeX The reverse would keep the ‘live’ browser current w/ history, bookmarks and config cutomizations.

Seems to me good practice when browsing in the sandbox: zip up the profile folder on exit. If it ever gets wacked due to drive-by download, its easy enough to rectify; by restoring the zip. The zip can also be restored to the live folder as is appropriate.