Preparing suspicious files for submission using Windows XP

To submit suspect files for analyses using only Windows XP

  1. In Windows Explorer, open the folder that contains the suspect malicious software files.
  2. Right-click a blank area in the window, point to New, and then click Compressed (zipped) Folder.
  3. Type to name the new archive file, and then press ENTER.
  4. Drop the suspected malicious software files into the archive file as you would drop them into a typical Windows folder.
  5. Double-click the archive file.
  6. On the File menu, click Add a Password.
  7. In the Password box, type infected
  8. In the Confirm Password box, retype infected and then click OK.

Refer to this link for the mailing instructions for your ready to go zipped file.;msg197464#msg197464

Some may find this simpler than installing/using archiving software.
Hope it may help someone.


I have seen that sticky posts about 7zip. But, the problem is, when we use XP to zip, at least in my case, I had observed that even after password protecting, the mail providers block it (refuse to attach) saying it contains a virus, whereas through 7zip I was able to attach and send it by password protecting and hopefully Comodo also received it (as it did’t return).

Also, I have seen that the ‘worm’ which I zipped was trying to access internet even after zipping it with XP (I don’t remember whether it was before password protecting or after password protecting). It was a confirmed worm and not a false positive. Since I could not use XP Zip, I then downloaded 7zip and sent the same as per instructions of 3xist.

That whole scene went all wonky.
I didn’t mean for 3xist to replace his tutorial with mine.
If there were 5 apps or ways to do it, then a complete forum could have them all.

There are all kinds of people with all different skill levels and all kinds of software.
7zip,winzip,ultimate zip, windows built in zip utility etc.
I intended to help to broaden the knowledge base here not replace it.

If we ask nice maybe 3xist will put his tutorial back.
We can put all the info out there and let people decide how to go about things
based on their own comfort level with what is available.

Peace out

I think the only reason why 3xist recommended 7zip was because it is too small (only 840 Kb), which even dial up users can download without heckles. Besides, it is free and do its job quite nicely. There are also programs like Tugzip and others, but I think he chose the best way out for both the users and Comodo. Afterall his basic intention was to ensure reaching the ‘viruses’ to Comodo to add signatures (than to describe the products). I am also sure he is also aware of this ‘constraint’ of blocking of XP Zipped files by mail providers, which, if I am not wrong, was also discussed in the forum.

Don’t worry guys… It’s cool. I’m making another sticky now to resolve all this ! :slight_smile:


Okay, I will go ahead and close this one - New thread made which has both 7-Zip (Which is MY personal recommendation) and the built in OS tutorial.