Preferred&Alternate DNS

Durig CID install I checked use comodo dns, but under Internet protocol version 4 I see no changes, preferred&alternate DNS are still set on auto … is that ok?


Hi and welcome fango,
During install you had two options for Comodo Secure DNS, one for IceDragon only or one for all applications (System wide).
Check step four here.

Depending on which setting you selected.
If you chose for all applications, this should have changed the DNS in the IP properties.
If you chose for IceDragon only (Default Setting) this will not alter DNS in the IP properties.

To change after install,
For IceDragon only Comodo Secure DNS can be found under Options, Advanced, System defaults.
To use Comodo Secure DNS for all applications (System wide) you would have to enable it by choosing your operating system and following the instructions in the link below.
Comodo Secure DNS

… hm, I’ll try that … hope it wont mess up my home network access and wd tv live access


Hi fango,
I hope all is working correctly.