Preferences can not be read in Virtual Dragon

Using Win7 64bit, all updates installed
Comodo FIrewall, Comodo Trust Connect and Avast Antivirus for security.

Select the “Switch to virtaul mode” selection, Dragon changes to Virtual Mode, and error comes up that i have to click at least 5-6 times before i get the browser up. No preferences or bookmarks load. This also happens if i start Dragon in virtual mode from the desktop.

Uninstalled and reinstalled Dragon - Made sure I had the latest version 29.1

I’m next to positive that when i first started using Dragon browser in virtual mode all my bookmarks and such were available. Should they be available? Browser sites, history, download info i can understand being gone, but not your setting up prefs and bookmarks.

Plus, should there be 10 processes for dragon.exe on my Task Manager? Seems suspiciously excessive. These processes are running in normal and virtual mode.

Thanks for your time.


What’s the version of CIS that you have installed?


CIS.exe ver: 6.3.35694.293

Dragon.exe ver:

Comodo Firewall ver: 6.3.297838.2953


The profile created in the CIS sandbox might be corrupted.

Before I ask you to try anything I’d like to tell you how the sandboxing works with browser profiles.

  1. When you launch the browser in the sandbox (Virtual Mode) for the first time, it creates a user profile identical to the one outside the sandbox.
    This means that Bookmarks, Settings, History, Extensions etc. are mirrored in the CIS sandbox.
    From this moment on you will basically have two profiles to work with (one in the sandbox, and one outside the sandbox).
  2. When you launch the browser in the sandbox for a second time, the browser will load the sandboxed profile. Any changes that you made in the non-sanboxed profile will not be added to the sandboxed profile.

If there are no major differences between the two profiles, or if you don’t mind losing the data from the sandboxed profile, then you could try resetting the CIS sandbox and checking if the issue continues to reproduce.


I uninstalled then reinstalled CIS and it works fine now. I thought the problem was with Dragon.

Cheers! :-TU