Predifined Firewall Poliucy for Windows Live Messenger??

Thats my cuestion. What Firewall Policy do I have to use for Windows Live Messenger?

Thanks, geko. :THNK

Hi Geko

For Defense+ I have under Computer Security Policy - “treat as custom policy” and for Firewall I have under network security policy - Allow IP out from IP any to IP any where protocol is any also treated as custom policy.

It has been working well for me with this and I use a web cam as well.


Yes, I use that too. I was thinking of, for example, firefox. A have firefox with the predefined firewall policy “Web Browser”.

Now, Windows Live Messenger has some predefined policy? I mean as an instant messenger type?
Any advice on creating rules for it?


Hi there been at this forum for a year now just checking in from time to time.
But I to would like a said rule for Windows Live Messenger.
Reason being I Had some rule set up must have been default which seemed to work but once I had webcam or webcam plus mic this option would not connect to second party on WLM. (:AGY)
Web browser setting…
So what I did was to edit the web browser rule set for WLM then edit the last rule (Blocked rule) to Allow. Now WLM is working with webcam, or webcam plus mic…
Please someone help me/us out as I know this rule is no way correct at present…
By the way XP SP2 working wonderfully with Comodo v3…14/276

Thank on any feedback…

Nyssa (B) (L)

ps: And maybe Yahoo messager also please… (Rules that is)