Predicting crime - a step towards a safer world?

A police officer glances at a screen displaying a city map - and one area suddenly starts flashing red.

Seconds later, the department receives data about an assault that is likely to happen there in the next few hours.

Patrols get deployed - just in time to stop the crime from happening. No-one gets hurt.

It might sound like a scenario straight out of the science-fiction film Minority Report, but predictive analytics technology to fight crime already exists. :P0l

Read more: Predicting crime - a step towards a safer world? - BBC News

Reading the article the above gets nuanced in a big way when it describes it is about probabilities in geographical units. The available technology is not as sexy as the prediction promises.

aims to "improve the way to analyse the existing images of video surveillance cameras… to identify images that allow the detection of dangerous or criminal behaviour".
That's another wet dream of pubescent technology aficionados if you were to ask me.... 88)

I see your point. But it will only get better in the future. The main Q here do we really need it? Why waste money on it? One can argue that this lead to the ‘police state’ another that it will protect people better.

The best one can get from this technology is an area (likely) to be hit with crime. Anything else is a pipe dream.

As with all those techniques, those who wish to do harm will find ways around it…