predefined security policies

i need help with something for some odd reason my predefined security policies just up and left when i had them just yesterday,such as trusted application and all that other good stuff. does anybody know how to get them back?

You mean they cannot be found anymore under Defenxe + → Advanced → Predefined Security Policies? When you get a pop up from D+ do you get the choice of policies?

Did you do some maintenance on your computer, registry cleaning for example yesterday that may interfere?

yes,i did do some registry cleaning. But is there any way to get it back after doing something like that or do i have to reinstall it.

See if your registry cleaner made a back up that you can restore. Otherwise use System Restore; CIS stores rules in the registry and may be also the predefined rulesets.

thank you.Now i shall try to protect those keys so it doesn’t happen again.

Miscellaneous----Diagnostic may help with your comodo.I don’t know if it is really helpful.But you can have a try.

I would suggest to exclude the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro key in registry cleaning program.