Predefined rules for web browser(solved)

What is the function of the prefined rules for web browser?
there is a rule to block the traffic inside, but what does it block?

If I use this rule, my browser cannot browse some web sites…what should I do?

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The web browser rules are simply so you don’t need to make your own policy for each web browser you use. The block all at the end is to insure that a web browser doesn’t do anything extra that a web browser doesn’t normally do without your knowledge-it blocks and logs such activity. As far as why you can’t browse some websites, you need to look at your firewall log and see what is being blocked-you may be using some sites that use a nonstandard port for http. What OS and antivirus are you using?

XP SP2(32bit), Avira.

The website I mentioned above, can only be browsed if I delete the blocking rules ,or change it into ask or allow, or stop using the predefined rules and use custom rules which is created at the first time.

What is the website-I can take a look and see if anything looks unusual.

Thanks for your reply.
The problem solved.

OK, I can tell from the URL that it uses port 8123, a nonstandard port. Go to firewall/common tasks/port sets. You will see a list of http ports. Click on http ports/add/port and add 8123 to the list. If you have other URLs with a :XXXX at the end, this is how the browser is told to use a port other than 80, and you can use the same procedure.