Predefined Policy for Torrent Clients

I dont know if this is technicaly feasible but here it goes:

A policy that allows to open ports on routers (port forwarding) but scans the incoming connections for mal intentions.
Maybe it could check if the visitor brings the requisited files or something not asked for.


Edit: A policy that aplies to open ports on routers.

I don’t know if a rule to forward ports through routers would even be possible. Utorrent already reports if anything other than the requested file tries to come through. It says that it failed the hash check and then if you get too many failures from the same IP, that IP gets banned, but only for the rest of the download of that particular file. You can then add that IP to an Ipfilter list that is applied whenever you use Utorrent. You have to add it manually though.

I apologize if you already knew this ;D.

I apologize if you already knew this

No, I didn’t.
But does the torrent client monitors all IP’s that come through the port?
Imagine it’s a house. People that enter and turn right to the living room are checked. But what about those that turn left to the kitchen?


Well, if you check the people on the entrance, then you will never have a problem. :)))

Utorrent monitors all IP’s that attempt to connect and if they are in your Ipfilter.dat file, they are blocked. You can also find and download filter files that are constantly updated to block connections from IP’s that are known to be hostile to P2P and bit torrent. Hostile meaning they might track your downloading and report it.