Predefined Policies lost automatically...


When i started my machine today, D+ is giving all the pop-ups as it is running for the first time on the machine. So, i have digged a bit and found two strange things in CIS…
1. All the predefined policies are lost (Defense+ → Advanced → Predefined Security Policies)
2. Setting for many (almost all except system’s) programs in Computer Security Policy have been lost.

Note: For any D+ pop-up only installer/updater option is present. All the other options have been lost :frowning:

Pls. find the attached screenshot which might give you a clearer picture…

XP SP3 (with all patches)
CIS 3.8 latest (Antivirus component disabled, Proactive security)
NOD32 4
SD 6

Can any one help me in restoring these settings and what might be cause of this strange behavior?


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This happen to my as well.
In my case, it was after a Microsoft update (plus another program updating as well).
When I came to reboot, the Computer Security Policies was empty & like the last post - it was like starting the program after first install.
So the question is 1) what happened, 2) and what can we do to provide it.
Also was wondering where the database is kept (the one with the list of accept programs), so we can keep a backup (just in case).

The settings are stored in the registry so System Restore would be an option.

Did you both update Windows this week? Rn5577 are you on XP SP3 as well?

Yes - I’m also on Win XP sp3.
Updated this week.
Too late to do a system restore, as I’m already retraining D+.
But will look into a system restore when it happens again.


Hello EricJH,

System updated 2 or 3 days ago but i haven’t noticed anything at that time. This happened to me yesterday only. And sadly i have disabled system restore option :frowning: :frowning:

rn5577, how could you able to do retrain your D+, you have lost all the predefined policies as mine…

Only solution for this is to reinstall? Or else i wait for v3.9 to get released…

I guess reinstall or waiting for 3.9 would be the only way to go.

There is a way around it. It is possible to put back the original configuration if I recall correctly. You need to import the orginal configuration using Manage My Configurations. Assuming you are using the Internet Security config. Choose Import and navigate to the Comodo Internet Security folder under Program files. Choose to import Comodo - Internet Security.cfg; say yes if it asks to overwrite. Wait for Comodo to load it and then use Select to select the profile.

Thanks ErciJ! This did the trick :slight_smile:

At last i could able to get all the original settings (all the predefined policies) using Manage My Configuaration. And i’ll take regular backups (of config settings) using Manage My Configuration.
But few question which i would like to know…

  1. Why CIS did not protect its own Configuration settings being tampered from other aoplications?
  2. When can i expect final build for v3.9? in a week or two?


To tell you the truth, it was only the Computer Security Polices that disappeared (luck me :slight_smile: ).
So it was a case of re-training D+ with all the programs on this computer (over 50+).
But thanks to EricJH, I know what to do next time.

  1. Comodo does protect its own folders and registry keys . Look under My Protected files and My protected Registry keys (Defense + → Common tasks). So CIS should have protected its self. May be CIS is at fault its self.
  2. Don’t take my word for absolute but I think towards the end of the month. Yesterday the third beta was published.

I had the same problem too as this topic, shortly after updating to XP SP3. So I think CFP has a problem with SP3. And my version is already 3.9.

I have a further question though…will the import of original configuration mentioned above wipe out all the learning that has taken place?

Yes it will

OK thanks. In preference then I will rather set up the Predefined Policies again.

Same story…Lost mine after i try to stop a weekly virus scan. It hangs on stop after i let it scan for a while.

I close CIS but the scan windows was still up.

After a reboot all Def+ Predefined Policies were gone…