Predefined Policies (firewall & D+) have disappeared...


I’ve been using CFP since way back when without issue, even when upgrading to v3; until today…

I noticed that D+ was raising alerts for previously “trusted” applications: for example when opening Firefox I am told that this “safe” application is trying to create a new file/folder (in my appdata\local\temp folder).

I can approve or deny this as usual, but I no longer have the option to “Treat this application as…” anything other than an installer or updater. Although I have checked the “remember this answer” box, I get the same warnings each time.

On checking the Computer Security Policy (D+ advanced tasks) I’ve found that all the applications noted there have “custom” policies and the option to apply a predefined policy is “greyed-out”.

I checked the Predefined Security Policies section and it was empty: no policies.

Exactly the same situation applies on the firewall side: all previously “trusted” applications now have a “custom” policy and no predefined policies exist any more.

I also note that the global firewall policy that existed on installation has also disappeared.

Other than that, as far as I can tell, everything is working normally.

I have no idea where to begin with this, but having browsed through the forum “back to 2.4” seems like a fairly common solution.

Thanks in advance of your kind assistance.


Easiest way to fix that is simply uninstall and reinstall. Use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode.

A quick thing to try to see what you have is to go to miscellaneous/manage my configurations/select and see what you have there. You should be on comodo-optimum security. You can try the settings, but then probably will need to follow the instructions above anyway.

Hello again,

Thanks for your responses.

I had it in mind that a reinstallation would be the quickest/easiest/safest way to resolve this, but was curious as to what might have caused it in order to avoid a repeat.

Anyway, after posting I noticed reference to “Diagnostics” in other posts, so checked mine: it informed me that there were problems and offered to fix them.

I did this and rebooted but my problem wasn’t resolved and I can find no reference to what was fixed.

I have checked the configuration and indeed had “optimum security”. I changed this to “network security” and found that all the predefined policies had been reinstated and were available for selection.

I will now reinstall CFP3 but if the above sheds any light on the situation I would be pleased to learn more. If not, please mark this topic as “closed”.

Thanks again for your time and trouble.