Predefined policies don't work properly

I have Firewall Security Level=Custom Policy

I have no rules for Internet Explorer before. When it started I saw message from Comodo:

I chose predefined policy “Веб-браузер(Web-browser)”. After that i saw in the rules for application:

That is allow OUT TCP to 21,53,80,8080,443, and for FTP-PASV all 0-1023. As a result OUT TCP to 0-1023 ports only.

Next I tried connect to and Comodo allow it! Why?

The screenshot of Log and active connections:

The same problem was with Skype. When I chose(for experimental aim) predefined policy “Web-browser” for Skype(as well as for IE), Comodo allowed all TCP connections to different ports(>1024) for Skype.

Is it BUG? Or there are some settings that I have missed?

Sorry, I didn’t see Exclude checkbox for FTP-PASV rule.
Comodo is work properly!
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