Pre-scan for D+


It would be nice if D+ had a pre-scan option: I chose a folder, make some scan for known/unknown programs there and then put unknown for D+ (but I know that prog well!) in whitelisted. Then those whitelisted preliminary apps will not be sandboxed.

not to sure what you are asking for.
defense + checks files in the whitelist before they are executed and will be added to the trusted files list if they are known to be safe

I mean we have good app unknown for D+. At first launch of that app it will be sandboxed and may not work correctly, Comodo may not have time to check app in clouds etc. So we need to explain Comodo this app should be trusted and run it again.

You have a point here. +1

It may also help to have a list if you want to make custom policies; you don’t have to start programs then.