Pre sale questions - is there a Comodo Security Network?

Hi everybody !

Haven’t found Pre sale questions section so I’m posting here:
After using kaspersky for half a decade and seeing ever more flaws with their products which are not fixed despite countless reports, I am finally considering going for another brand, and it seems comodo is the best option judging from some matousec benchmarks.

I have several questions tho
-Do I have to buy 2 products : AV and IS, or is there an all in one?
-Does comodo AV have something similar to kaspersky security network to see the reputation of an application? It gives many useful infos about apps:
–when it was discovered?
–geographical infos about that app use
–how many users of the security network use it
–is it trusted or not and why

It’s also possible to see a danger coefficient from 0 to 100, but only after running the app at least one time.

Hi Cobra7705

-Do I have to buy 2 products : AV and IS, or is there an all in one?
an all in one and even [url=]more[/url]
-Does comodo AV have something similar to kaspersky security network to see the reputation of an application?
have something similar: [url=]Trusted Software Vendors[/url]
It gives many useful infos about apps
What is Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) ? KSN provides useful information only for "Kaspersky Lab" ~> [i]"When you participate in Kaspersky Security Network, the statistics gathered on your computer is automatically submitted to Kaspersky Lab."[/i]
After using kaspersky for half a decade...
normal people disable KSN :) [i]Cobra7705[/i], why do you need to know: how many KIS-users use 7-Zip in Germany [b]?[/b] :D

I would recommend to test the free version. If you like it, look what you would get for services with the paid versions.
The security is not reduced in the free version! Its ideal to test or use it like that as long as you want.

Maybe you should wait for the new version that will be released in a time. It will change the interface and functions.

The A and O of right usage:
Make a custom installation (look at any settings and checkmarks, dont click ok too fast!)
Make all settings (look at each window). Some default settings are not what i would suggest.

If you disable KSN, you can no longer check softwares reputation, it’s give and take only.

all the infos about when the app appeared first, where it is used and how many users of the security network trust it, etc… are very helpful if analyzed correctly in order to give your approval to the app or not.

if you dl a software known for over a year, with a “normal” geographical use, and trusted by over 10000 users, it generally means you can trust the app

if you dl a software and see it appeared for less than a week, is overrepresented in such or such country, and that less than 10 users trust it, then you have a good reason to be worried especially if it has a high level of danger

of course there are all the nuances in between but it’s better to have this data than nothing to help you make a choice

a large community can achieve way more work than a staff of devs, see wikipedia, youtube and web 2.0 in general, it’s not a bad idea to rely on the help of the community if you are able to analyze the data, ie if you have a brain without which a security software if useless anyway

In comodo its the cloud feature.
You can read the help file of comodo. Comodo Internet Security, Antivirus protection, Firewall Software |Security v6.3 (for the coming version 6)
A whitelist is created, and a black list (for the program).

But in general, just load things from reputated sources. Thats the best way. And its obvious.

I never missed someone telling me “in the program” what others would think about that file. I disable the cloud and the cloud lookups.

Never forget: They tell shiny things… and they ask for your money :wink: … of course there are a lot of “features” in these expencive products.
Usually i would disable the most of them, or i have them allready.

to you anti-virus (+real-time scanning) and proactive defense (+Trusted Software Vendors) is not enough ? yet and reputation required ??

... trusted by over 10000 users...
Who are these people [b]?[/b] You know them [b]??[/b] not trusted over 10,000,000 others users... and that? this is not the reputation, it is a statistic, not more...

Trust, but verify

reputation of the app in the security network on top of other elements is a really useful asset to avoid new threats that proactive defense and scan would miss

who are those people? they are other members of the security network like me, some are stupid some are smart, but it’s like wikipedia, it can be vandalized/wrong here and there at times, but the general pattern is toward progress. if 100000+ people who obviously can’t all be completely stupid trust it, it is very meaningful, they are users like me who do their homework, use totalvirus, get infos here and there, check the danger coefficient, etc…

if you do not understand how the opinion of the community is meaningful, on top of what the devs already provide, then it can not be helped

Somehow i believe you will be glad with comodo :slight_smile:

If you decide to keep the cloud features enabled, unknown files will be send to comodo and tested. If its a virus, it will be put in the black list. If its a legit file it will be added to the whitelist.
So to say, the program gets the information about the real content. Thats better than a statistic.
To be protected meanwhile, the file in question would run in the sandbox until the decision is made.

If you decide to keep only the cloud lookup enabled, your files are compared to “hash values” before you run them. This is additionally to the antivirus detection.

The cloud features have an effect on the usage of the sandbox (keep in it, or put in trusted list).

Its a personal decision. I dont like to involve the internet with files that i am about to run. Others may like it.

The help manual of comodo is allways very informative. Its a nice read.
The new version is out. Time to test. Test the free version.

I have another important question before buying comodo

Does comodo have something similar to the applications control module of Kaspersky?

That’s a powerful module which decompose with a lot depth all permissions layers and privileges of an app, very helpful for example to prevent untrusted applications from doing any harm by giving them only the minimal permissions they need. This is a tool for advanced users. more details here This version of Kaspersky Internet Security is no longer supported

Why not trying the free version?
The program is the same.
You can compare the additional services that you will get with a paid version. If you dont miss them, just look with your own eyes :slight_smile:

You can reach the manual by clicking “?” on each window of comodo.
It covers a lot of questions.

Basically i would choose comodo, no matter what features others are “offering” AFTER i mandatory paid.
I see it that way:
Of course expencive products are advertised with LOADS of features… but if you look closer, you might notice that you can substitute the most “selling” features by something allready available (for free). Or that the features are called “important OMG”, while they arent.

Comodo protects me from infections.
You can choose the way it does.
Try to understand the program :slight_smile:

NOTE: In general about installations: USE CUSTOM INSTALLATION. DONT click too fast ok !

it’s not that easy, even disregarding all the time it would take to uninstall kaspersky and install comodo after that, it would still take a lot of time before I get familiar with its most advanced features, can take weeks if not months, which is why I’m asking help on the forums

I don’t know what to think anymore, on one hand, kaspersky customer support is reaching a new bottom barrel everyday while it no longer has the best firewall judging on some benchmarks, but on the other hand it seems all other security suites are still stuck in anti-virus stone age and can only do hash check at best, that’s far from enough nowadays. it"s not just OMG features, these features are really useful and if used correctly they can counter almost every unidentified threat

it seems to me that just making an ever growing hash database is completely silly when it’s easy to generate countless variants everyday with nowadays computing power =/

Yes, the sandbox as well as the HIPS feature of defense+ should cover this nicely. If something is untrusted it can still be run in the sandbox just fine without being able to make changes to your system.

HIPS will give you any information about suspicious activity some applications may be attempting; its disabled by default because it’s a more advanced feature but can easily be enabled.

I think you will also find our support to be quite good, even here in the forum. We have many knowledgable moderators and many Comodo staff are active on these forums as well as the many knowledgable users we are lucky to have as well!

Comodo Internet Security premium (the free version) has all of the security features of both the paid versions. The main difference is the complete version will offer online storage, a $500 virus free guarantee, trustconnect, and remote live help. The pro version offers all of these features as well excluding trustconnect and the online storage.

Many have switched from their favorite security programs which they paid for to Comodo and have not missed them, including myself many years ago.

As i said. It depends on your choice.
I use comodo as an addition to an antivirus. To have control about what is running! And for the firewall.
You can also use comodo antivirus as an antivirus.

Everyone could write a book how he uses comodo. In the end you would have to read different attempts. And maybe you dont like a given one.

I can tell you:
Testing with your own eyes and aims is the best way. If you get questions in the process, they can be answered (by pressing “?”, or by asking here).

You dont lose something, you get something.
And you can test for free. And use the program for free if you dont want the additional services.

Do you remember the day when you decided to buy kaspersky?
You bought it, and THEN you had to verify its quality.
Why do you hesitate with a free thing?

Its way more easy to just do it, than to read all the books that everyone could write. Explaining is more difficult than to see.

Save your kaspersky settings.
Uninstall it completely.
Install comodo (custom installation! Dont press OK too fast… in general).
And when you want to return to kaspersky,
save the comodo setting.
Uninstall it completely.

I found all the settings to make comodo a very secure thing. I dont use default settings. I look in each window and make my choices.

The trusted vendors…do you know them also.???
Trust and verify.