Pre Release Superantispyware out now, version 5.

Hi Guys. For those interested i was browsing the Superantispyware forums and the new long awaited version 5 has just popped up. It is pre- release version and the scanning is very fast compared to previous versions, along with many other improvements.I would have posted the link to the download, but the company prefers the downloads to not be posted publicly.Enjoy.


Are you sure Dave1234? Didn’t the version 5 pre-release come out last year?

Hi Kail.Yes i am certain, as i have been following their forums and all previous posts have been removed from when the first notification of the new version was announced in Sept last year up to the present day. It does appear as if its was released last year if you look at the forum, but i can assure you it has just been released and a certain number of downloads are being made available each day.


OK, no problem. I trust what you’re saying, I just thought it was a typo. :slight_smile:

So, how do we find the new version 5 without a URL? Perhaps you could post some hints as to what to search for?

Here it is: SUPERAntiSpyware Professional X Edition :slight_smile:

The new interface seems pretty nice.

It’s much better than the previous version. :-TU Other than that, it seems (functionally) the same to me.

They used a soft tone color for the new UI. I can’t help but wonder what the Preferences dialogues look like.

The looks alert box from the Real Time scanner is a serious no for me; it makes it look like a rogue. The program’s name its self already has a bit of a rogue smell to it.

That being said. I am using it for a couple of years as on demand scanner. It’s a great tool but its name and the look of the on access alerts… :wink:

Not quite sure what you mean but see attatched. :slight_smile:

I agree with this it does look very cartoon like. I would also prefer to have the option to quarantine or ignore it on the popup instead of auto quarantine. (apparently this is being added as an optional setting in the future)

It is functionally the same as the last version no new features have been added but the real time and scanning engine has been greatly improve and its a very well written program. Its so snappy and quick to use and the new interface is a pleasure to navigate in places with the nice big almost tactile buttons (obviously not because you are not touching anything but I hope you get my meaning).

Its also incredibly light and you shouldn’t notice any slow down. I found a bug when cycling through photos with windows photo viewer but i reported it and it was fixed fairly sharpish. Other than that this pre release has been very stable. (suppose it should be its a pretty simple program compared to some)

EDIT: if you want a copy just email the CEO at nicks[at] I believe it is very close to release now anyway.

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Thanks for the image. It was curious if they had changed the look of the Preferences or kept it the same as part of the GUI overhaul.

Is this v5 faster than the most recent version? The latest version is definitely faster than previous ones.

I think so yea. A quick scan takes 33 seconds on my comp (i am running an ssd though). Malwarbytes quick scan takes 2 minutes and doesn’t scan a folder of malware sitting on my desktop which SAS does. I know it doesn’t prove anything but its still quite impressive none the less.

There will be always room for improvement but that is nice, Since with me the last stable version when I do a quick scan it takes for ever(seems like the normal Full Scan).

BTW Here is the link for anyone to download it.

I just found that they have added some cool new features to the full scan.

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Looks good,I’ve manage to test SAS 5 against some malware samples…the results were disappointing…Will continue to test this and report back.