I’ve tried this browser K Meleon and I Love because of this feature (and also its very very light!)

I hope Comodo will introduce this feature into their Dragon :slight_smile:

Then I’ll use Dragon for my primary browser, but for now its used just for ‘secure sites’ access… like banks etc etc other than that its K-Meleon or Firefox 4.0.6

Yuck, another autostart to fix… :wink: :smiley:

I’m with you! Don’t load until I want you to load…

Not to mention that Dragon loads really quickly. :wink:

It is optional so it won’t come with a default installation anyway. I just couldn’t resist. :wink:

I’m sure CD opens equally as fast as Firefox can even with a pre loader. CD opens in less than a blink of the eye,this is just my opinion. I do respect your wish I just hope if it ever happens, that it becomes optional. Agree K Meleon is probably the lightest I have ever tried. Kind regards.

thanks for all the good input,
Of course i wanted it to be a ‘option’ but not a requirement, I was thinking of those who dont have a great computer



+1 for optional.

Well, I tested on SRWare Iron, but the same relates to CD: IB.

When the computer starts, the loading is like this:
1 Cold-Boot of Firefox (The one that shows up the fastest is 3.6.13) = 1 Cold-Boot from Iron + 15 Warm-Boots.
1 Cold-Boot of Palemoon (Optimized version of Firefox, also 3.6.13) = 1 Cold-Boot from Iron + 5 Warm-Boots.
1 Cold-Boot of Opera (11 Beta) = 1 Cold-Boot from Iron + 3 Warm-Boots.
1 Cold-Boot of Chrome Plus or Comodo Dragon: Internet Browser = SRWare Iron Cold-Boot.

The preloaders can’t compete with the loading of Iron, CP, or CD: IB, on Firefox. I still have to test it with Kameleon’s preloader, since Kameleon loads pretty fast to begin with, although I am too lazy to even attempt to try it.

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