Pre-load a program \ game in RAM?

Hi all. Is there a way to pre-load (or start pre-loading) a program in RAM (and possibly keep it there for a while), so that it’ll load faster? I know PreFetch and SuperFetch in Win 7 kinda does this, but they do it on their own logic.

As to why I’m asking this, imagine this: Let’s say you have The sims 3 game that you don’t play, but your sister (or other relative) plays. As you might know this game can take quite a while to load (especially if ou have expension packs), so let’s say you know that she likes to play it when she comes from school \ work. And I wonder if you could somehow start pre-loading the game while she’s changing clothes or something?

You might say, well just launch the game and let it load. Well yeah, but what if you want to do something else (or you’re finishing something), and do not want to stare at the loading screen(s). It may not be the best example, but I hope you’ll understand where I’m going.