Pre-installation questions

Sorry, I couldn’t find the answers to these questions on the website (

It doesn’t really make clear whether this is a file backup system, or a drive image system? Or both?

· What format are the backup files in? Eg. Zip or a propriety format?
· Do you have to mount the backup files/images to view them?
· Can you restore individual files from the backup files/image?
· Can it repair Windows 7?
· Can it do bare-bones restoration to a new laptop?

Does back-up to a usb hard-drive occur ‘in the background’ while you’re still working?
I currently use AOMEI, but find myself cancelling back-ups because it grinds the system to halt when I’m trying to get things done.

We have to trust back-up software more than any other program; when we need it to work, we really, really need it to work.
So how reliable is this software after a catastrophe?
Is it as reliable as other top names like ShadowProtect, Paragon, Macrium and Ghost?
Or if I want that extra 5% of reliability, should I pay for it?