Pre-installation questions

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I tried to get answers to these questions from the online manual but I couldn’t find them.

  1. Do the recipients of email messages encrypted by CSE also need to have CSE, and if not, how do they decipher the encrypted message?

  2. Does sending an email message using CSE take more time?

  3. Will all outgoing email messages be encrypted, or can the user select either specific recipients or specific messages?

I tried to install CSE in order to get answers but I got an error message saying that Panda AV was detected and that there may be a conflict. I don’t have Panda, however maybe I tried it in the past. I wonder what conflicts may come up and how do I remove any remnants of Panda.

  1. No, They Do Not. :slight_smile:
  2. You Don’t Send Email’s by CSE, You use your regular email client. and it will automatically encrypt & digitally Sign Your Email’s, This does Require A Little More Time (Usually a second or two)
  3. You can choose which recipient you want to encrypt for i believe. By Going to Security>Custom Level>Add Group Then you can choose which settings you want. (By default CSE Encrypts All Email’s)

You can try one of the uninstaller utilities >

or you can try to use CSC (Comodo System Cleaner) To Remove The Registry Entries…

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