Pre-install questions

Hi all. I’m honestly considering NOT installing CTM after reading the boards here, but thought i would post some questions. At first glance they look like previously asked ones, but I’m not seeing the details I need in previous posts.

Select specific drives to protect.
I know you ‘can’, but is this an install time option or something you have to do after the program/drivers are installed and the program is running? In other words, is the setup customizable at install, or is it the typical ‘click Next 4 times and then dig through preferences in the actual program to set it up correctly’?

Yes, I know CTM is ‘incompatible’. Is it incompatible because of driver issues or because functional issues (stuff like it would create a snapshot for every sector written at every write, making backups huge and files un-restorable anyways)? If I have a TC ‘volume’ (just a disk image file) on a non CTM-protected drive and a portable version of TC, will CTM work?

CTM use another drive for snapshots
Two drives. One CTM protected, one not. Can CTM use the second drive for snapshot storage from the first?

Temporarily disable CTM
Can you just temporarily disable CTM, like a firewall or AV program? I know there are defragger issues, but if I could just disable CTM until I’m done defragging, that would be great.

Right now I am using FileHamster for versioning whole files, and would really like to switch to something like CTM. I just wish it worked at the file level, rather than sector level. Or at some hybrid level. For example, I want to defrag. I disable CTM, which switches it into ‘file-level’ mode, monitoring file access/modification/creation/deletion/etc until CTM is reenabled. At the reenabling, CTM checks the changed files and adds those to the snapshot (or whatever it does). You could even have it only allow that one update to the file in question (make file, disable CTM, change file 5 times, enable CTM, and the only ‘versions’ would be the pre-disabled and version at re-enabling).

Anyhow, I love the idea of CTM, but I need some reassurances.

Hi neuroking ,

  1. Select specific drives to protect only in installation. and you can not modify it any more.

  2. CTM just use protected disk for snapshot storage. other disk would not be used.

3.Temporarily disable CTM. we are look into this.

Thanks for your support!