Despite the news of Scot’s Blog and the new Matousec results, Comodo is still recieving alot of good feed back. Check out these posts (#78,79 and 80). (R)

God feedback? You mean God is using this firewall to filter malicious prayers? And on top of that God is actually communicating to someone when he won’t even talk to his most devoted followers? :o

Just having a bit of fun. :slight_smile: No harm intended.

Didn’t realize that OA is now number one with a perfect score at Matousec, the first firewall to achieve this distinction…

A sad time for Comodo. (:SAD)

I just wish I knew how a program that gives you explorer exe crashes can be considered number1. I guess it depends on who’s using it huh?

A firewall is like a windshield… it can offer 99.9% protection from things like bugs and a few rocks. But it just takes 1 rock to BUST that windshield. What i’m saying is nothing can offer 100% protection nothing.

You must be talking about O_______E A_______R. LOL (R)

Hell, yes!

Instances of Comodo listening to user requests:

My first wish was granted many versions ago (I don’t know which one exactly):

I definitely noticed in the latest updater to 3.0.21, that one of my other wishes became true:

Sure it took a while (most likely low priority on the agenda), but at least we know they listen.