Praise comodo for its' online antivirus scan

Great Job Guys,

You have CAV, and then CAV with Defense+ and now you have Online Scanner, woohoo. I can get my manager to test this out to convince him of Comodo effectiveness.

Now, what to develop next?
How about realtime on-access USB device protection? Trendmicro has it, Avast, McAfee all has their own too. How about Comodo? Also, is it possible to make the current CAV to have the option to run as on-demand scanner only ? The reason is simply to have an additional protection available to people who are already using other antivirus, and having this allows them to feel more secure and prode them to use it as the main AV in future. :a0

After which, you may want to follow up with mobile device. The reason this came last because, they are quite a number of different mobile OS available - Symbian 3.2/5.0, Andriod, iPhone OS, Blackberry etc - kinda tough.

You can disable CAV’s real-time protection from Antivirus Settings, and still run manual scans :wink:

Just set the slider to Disabled, and click Apply.

Hope this helps,

Beanie :slight_smile:

Oh beanie, doing it this way will enable me to have both Avira 9 Personal & CAV running side by side?
(by the way, are you a girl or a boy ?)

If you disable the real-time scanner in CAVS, you can run the real-time scanner in Avira.

And, I’m a guy :wink:


Hi Beanie,

If that’s really all you need -it is great.

I have few additional on-demand AV’s but in order to avoid conflicts I need to kill several services.
Say, for BitdeDefender – 4 of them. Sometimes it is necessary to deal with the driver and/or disable hidden device.

Well, since I know what and where - it is not a big problem, but I may say it is not very convenient and that is not a procedure “for everyone”. You can forget some stuff during switching back… unless you write “On-Off script” or alike.

So seriously, it is interesting if that is the one and only option to set for CAV as you said
Can you clarify that please?

My regards

AFAIK, you only need to set the slider to Disabled. There’s only one CIS service anyway, the Comodo Internet Security Helper Service, which runs the cmdagent.exe process (cfp.exe is the GUI) :wink:

Beanie :slight_smile:

Yes I agree with with SiberLynx.
Prior to encountering CAV, I was using on demand Bit Defender. It is running well.

But then i realised it might be causing some issue with my on-access Avast. When I fully ininstall Bit Defender, and re-scan using my Avast, it caught some more viri which seems to have missed on its previous scan just a short 2 hours earlier.

(by the way, are you a girl or a boy ?)
LOL, You PM beanie for pic :) !ot!

You do not believe me?