Practical anecdotes re: IceDragon v44 upgrade

First off: what this IceDragon upgrade addresses:

Per ‘Security Fixes’ in above URL: Security Advisories for Firefox — Mozilla

So quite compelling - if not outright convincing - to upgrade me thinks. Given the nature of the security fixes, there’s no going back. :P0l One is just going to have to deal with - and find workarounds for - whatever CID v44 functionality quirks are uncovered.

For the most part the upgrade was fairly painless; I installed using the ‘upgrade’ option in the installer to existing profile with numerous customizations implemented and extensions installed, e.g., LavaFox v2 theme, Classic Toolbar Buttons, NoSquint, Star-button in URL bar, Status-4-Evar, dev tools, and Stylish GUI customizations). Obviously I performed a full-profile backup with FEBE backup extension before doing anything.

As mentioned elsewhere on this forum, the upgrade failed. No surprise because icedragon_upgrade.exe always fails on my Win 2003 R2 system, although the upgrade notification itself works like a charm. I disable that in CID options until I can get around to it, download the full offline installer and work with that.

The first issue I ran into was:

According to the article, after introducing the new one-click Searches UI and in-content preferences, Mozilla has removed the old Search UI and Windowed Preferences - including their hidden about:config preferences and browser.preferences.inContent - in Firefox 43.

With the help of an add-on - Classic Theme Restorer (CTR), latest version on AMO is 1.4.1 at the time of the writing of that article - the one-click Search UI behavior can be suppressed as pre-v43 Firefox: set ‘old Search’ in ‘General UI(1)’

Mozilla starts to push Reader Mode to desktop Firefox - gHacks Tech News (last updated: 15/2/7)

That, also, can be suppressed with CTR

Disable Pocket Integration in Firefox to Save Memory | Lifehacker (last updated: 15/5/14 9:00am)

That, also, can be suppressed with CTR

I had previously discovered a potential solution to stuttery play-back of Flash based-video - the standard solution being to disable hardware acceleration in Flash preferences - try setting in-browser cache to 80MB; the default is too low. What is this browser.cache? Research yielded: Browser.cache.memory.capacity - MozillaZine Knowledge Base I set mine to the old cache value cited in the article for my 1.5 GB SDRAM system. We’ll see how that performs.

Just prior to CID upgrade availability notification, I’d had looked into: Use Tab Groups to organize a lot of tabs | Firefox Help That article contains the following nifty tid-bit: Tab Groups feature discontinued | Firefox Help That is slated for Firefox v45, so, head sup on that, eh? That’ll bite you in the next IceDragon upgrade.

Specific problems with the version upgrade pertained to: custom-toolbar containing only a Sylish implemented CSS based auto-hide search-bar - that became broken by v34 that I nevertheless managed to carry forward since by manually overwriting the xulstore.json file - the status bar, and toolbar icons. CTR was required to suppress one-click search UI, and to restore classic icons; they were jacked up otherwise. There still remained issues until Classic Toolbar Buttons extension was updated after CID upgrade. Actually it should go without saying to ensure all extensions get updated post upgrade, but it was an issue for me; I have extension auto-update disabled so I can backup the profile prior to doing so. That’s best practice in my opinion, as some extension update can break the profile and then how is one to finger out what broke what?

The CTR option to restore custom and add-on toolbars changed the DOM element name CSS selector for the custom-toolbar search bar-container, so the search-bar auto-hide became broken, but bookmarks toolbar auto-hide still functioned. Once the specific DOM element name was discerned, search / replace of respective Stylish based CSS resolved that.

NoSquint extension is dependent upon - and lives on - the status-bar. If its not there, NoSquint is not available within the browser customize-GUI. With both feature-bars present - temporarily - in the customize-GUI, the NoSquint icon - and anything else living there - can be moved to the add-on bar, Status-4-Evar can then be disabled / removed. The only caveat being the status / location text. This now appears in a specially dedicated pop-up panel, the text of-which can be commandeered to live in the add-on bar using Stylish based CSS.

As per CTR OP at:

[at]namespace url(http related bla bla bla …;
statuspanel .statuspanel-label {
-moz-appearance: none !important;
background: none !important;
border: 0 !important;
box-shadow: none !important;
pointer-events: none!important;
margin-bottom: -22px !important; /* may need adjustment in some cases */

Or just don’t use the CTR availed add-on bar, and implement the status bar using the Status-4-Evar extension. Why is that a big issue? Because it is: What happened to the Status Bar? | Firefox Help I present that because those that may have been using an older hamster powered-Firefox may not be up on all the newfangled solar-powered improvements. :o

FWIW: 26 Firefox Quantum About:Config Tricks You Need to Learn - Make Tech Easier

In there I discovered advanced color-profile support That makes a major difference in the quality of in-browser images. The cited option is incorrect; implement gfx.color_management.enabledv4. It is necessary to have a calibrated monitor and a ICC particular to the monitor that is implemented; otherwise image quality may actually be degraded. It is a quite noticeable improvement I heartily recommend it.

Finally, while I’ve not encountered any show-stoppers, it is plausible some people may experience issues otherwise unresolvable and may need to revert to default profile in CID v44 post-upgrade. The FEBE backup-extension facilitates creating / activating profiles on the fly. Its very useful to retain existing profile instead of trashing the whole install by doing a CID reset; that’s nuclear warfare that’s best avoided if at all possible.

Anyways, that’s my dollar three nine eighty five worth thoughts. So far works good last long time.

:-TU 8)


In the release notes for Firefox v44 - per first URL in OP - there apparently is an unresolved issue. So I went lookin’ and found this from 6 years ago:

The fact that this is an issue sufficently worthy to point out being unresolved, suggests to me that the next CID upgrade will occur at whatever version of the base Firefox wherein it no longer is unresolved. Neither do I believe the security wonks at Comodo would pass on this if it wasn’t sufficiently important - which by the way, it must be, given that Mozilla thought it suffiently worthy to specifically point it its still unresolved.